RIPE NCC Billing Procedure and Fee Schedule 2001


Document ID: ripe-215
Date: 6 December 2000

1. The 2001 fee schedule is as follows:

Enterprise Registries:         EUR 2100.- / year

Service Provider Registries:

Small                          EUR 2100.- / year

Medium                         EUR 2950.- / year

Large                          EUR 3900.- / year

Supernational                  Multiple times large registry

                               Please contact <>

Start-up fee for Registries

established during 2001        EUR  2100.-

2. Registries established during the course of the year are charged as follows:

|                     |                                  | 
| Established during  |               Fees               | 
|                     |                                  | 
|   1st quarter       |   start-up fee + full yearly fee | 
|   2nd quarter       |   start-up fee + 3/4 yearly fee  | 
|   3rd quarter       |   start-up fee + 1/2 yearly fee  | 
|   4th quarter       |   start-up fee + 1/4 yearly fee  | 
|                     |                                  | 

3. The start-up fee is due with the first invoice.

4. Billing is in advance.

5. The billing period is the calendar year.

6. Official invoices are sent by postal mail. A copy of the invoices will also be sent by e-mail.

7. Half-yearly and quarterly billing are possible and an EUR 50.- service charge applies to each invoice. Late payment of invoices for registries that have chosen half-yearly or quarterly billing means an automatic reversion to annual billing.

8. Payment is due 30 days after the date of issuance of the invoice.

9. Euro Transfers are the preferred method of payment and the fastest. Payment by cheque delays processing, particularly those issued in currencies other than the Euro.

10. Payment of invoices by credit card is possible only if the credit card charges are paid as well.

11. Late payments will be subject to late payment charges of EUR 100.- and cause an immediate termination of RIPE NCC services. Interest according to the prevailing bank rate in the Netherlands may be charged on any late payments.

If you have any questions, please contact < >.